Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Another to the collection

The other day I was out looking for new pair of Kohlapuris when I tried these on. They didn't look too bad and I wonder why I was never taken into them when they first hit the market some 3 yrs ago? Maybe coz every body seemed to be in one! Anyway, I'm very happy with my purchase...Hang on, theres better to come...it cost me only Rs 110...now that, my dear friends, is a Steal! :-D And the ghoongroo makes me feel so pseudo feminine (in the nice way.) Anyway, heres to a start of another hectic week where I hardly get to sleep, all thanks to me talking some really "wise" decisions. But I guess I'd have to stick to them for sometime. Adding on to my sleepless problem is one of my very good friend, whom I consider my "buddy buddy" friend who decides to talk abt the "relationship" we are having and abt him and me and where the relationship is going. Thankfully a phone call from the Best Friend saved the embarrassing moment! Its so discomforting now...where we would only msg for work or dumb forwards, he msgs me, asking me how my day is going all the time and so many other weird stuff that "buddy buddy" friends never do. Argh...its so weird and irritating. Simply coz I don't want to spoil what we have and I am so not ready for a relationship...Yeah, yeah, I'm the quintessential anti man! :-I Lets see what happens next. Keep me in your prayers people!

Off to sleep and then classes...take care and have a good week! Oh, and its a holiday on Wednesday...Yippieeee! What plans? No prizes for guessing what I'd be doing - I'll be sleeping.



ektaran said...

Am here!!!!!!!!!

ektaran said...

Lovely pair of chappals...I mean Kohlapuris...:)

'the ghoongroo makes me feel so pseudo feminine' LOL

Have a nice working studying week!!! Enjoy the mid week hol....ZZZzzz Zzzzz a lot....

'Keep me in your prayers people'...Do you even have to say this???

Chal take care & update more often :D

Ricky said...

What is about girls and shoes? Ummmm....maybe its the same as we guys and food...lol.

On a girly thought, the chappal looks very nice and the ghungroos are too cute but I am thinking ke if you will hit some guy (like me) with this chappal, it would be so musical na... **hiding**

I was horrified hearing about your sleeping pattern, although mine is getting bad too. Anyways, as long as you take care of yourself and its temporary thing, then you should be fine :-)

You are in my prayers and Good Luck with that buddy thing :-)

Ricky said...

Thanks for all the comments, loved them but shouldn't you be utilizing that time to get some sleep :D

AmitL said...

Hi,Marlee-these kolhapuris really really look neat(I wonder if you sometimes wish you could use them to tell 'buddy buddy'to remain a buddy buddy.:)Just kidding.Good luck at resolving the matter with him.LOL at the phrase'quintessential anti man'.Happy I. Day holiday.(In August,I always wish I was in India-so many hols.grin)

99% Bachelor said...

Nice blog. Gr8 info...

AmitL said...

Hey,there...time for an update,I think.:)Tks for the bday blog post wishes n comment.:)

Lalit Singh said...

Nicely shot pic... But they didnt 'hit the market some 3 yrs ago'... they were here all this while.
These and the other which u gotm to 'battle the delhi heat' will help u a lot this summer.

PS: U've got a label 'Shoe Fetish'!! LOLS

Marlee said...

@ Ektaran: Planning to catch up with some sleep tmrw...wat abt u? wat plans?

@ Ricky: LOL @ Musical kick! :-)) Sleep pattern is getting into a habit now! :)

@ Amit: Just to let u know tmrw is a holiday as well! :-D will u be celebrating Rakhi? The update is here! :)

@ 99% Bachelor: Welcome to my blog nad thanks for the compliment :)

@ Lalit: Hmmmm...with the ghungrooos? I didnt notice them! :) LOL @ Shoe fetish...I agree!