Monday, August 27, 2007

Another time, some place else? No way!

A start of another week with a holiday in between! What more can I ask? :-D
The past few days have just passed by with so many things happening-work, college, people. I feel like I'm in a constant Whirlpool! But then again, its only once we're young and working our asses off! I should stop complaining.

Happy days rather, gloating days are here for me. Why? I had gone out Jeans shopping last weekend with some amount of trepidition. I was worried that I'd have to ask the sales person to give me a waist size 30" :-O But, then guess what? I fit into a size 28" quite fine. That, despite the paunch which makes me look very pregnant, is an achievement! YAY, to me & low waist jeans! :-D

Well, here's something that I came across when I'd gone out for dinner the day.On that note, take care people. Have fun receiving rakhi's and gifts (!) tomorrow!


AmitL said...

A big LOL at the comment'Yay for me and low waist jeans'.:)well,size 30 is also not bad,u know.(Congrats on 28,though)..yea,life does seem to be a whirlpool sometimes,na??And,suddenly,you pop out of it and feel relaxed...then,again...:)I find blogging a nice way to pop out of the whirlpool,frankly.

ektaran said...

'I should stop complaining'....good :)

size 28....lucky YOU...feeling J :p

ha ha ha ha...kya surprise tha!!...which place did ya click this pic...n wat is it?? something on a cd/table mat/menu card????

Ricky said...

Yea, you have been busy no doubt but its good coz you know that you will have to take some time off later in the year when some handsome hunk comes to India.

You are to hard on yourself, you look great baba, now how else will I have to tell you this??

The cartoon is pretty

I talked to one of my sisters that you may know about on Rakhi Day today ;-)

She'll said...
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Marlee said...

@ Amit: I agree :)

@ Ektaran: 28" J....I feel good now!
Its a picture of a coaster. Had funny stuff like these in all their coasters!

@ Ricky: Lol @ Handsome hunk, time off! :-p But I have to be hard on myself, how else will I try to be better than wat i am?