Monday, January 29, 2007

Shillong-State Central Library

This is the Tank housed withen the State Central Library grounds. It commemorates the 1972 Indo-Pak (East Pakistan, Bangladesh) War and Pakistan's surrender. I dont know why but I always found the Tanker to be incongruous for a hill station like Shillong, known for its serenity. It like this unexpected thing totally out of place! Wonder how long will this relic will withstand to the ravages of time. Apart from the Tank, the Library and the State Museum, it also has an auditorium where all important regional and State-level functions are held. I remember going to the auditorium as a 10 year old child to watch a musical adaption of Oliver Twist by the St. Edmund's School boys. It was a brillaint performance! Wonder if anyone of you has heard this song, 'I'll do anything for your love' from the musical? If yes, please let me know!

Shillong-Shillong Bench

This is the Shillong Bench of the Guwahati High Court, situated in the premises of the Assembly Secretariat. I love the architecture of the place as well as the coulour of the building-pink! Another view of the Court:
Signboard outside the Assembly:

Shillong-Presbyterian Church

The Church in the evening light:
The Tablet commemorrating 100 years of Service:
Serenity inside the Church. While I was taking pictures of the Church outside, I could hear some singing. Walking inside I saw a group of 6 people singing. I assumed tehy were the Church's choir members. Perfect timing to my entry! :-)

Shillong-On the way back home.

This pictue was taken on the way back home. These shacks are a common sight on the GS Raod (Guwahati-Shillong Road). Its all about getting a good bargain. Most of these products are artociously expensive but then they're worth every paise spent. These vegetables and fruits are grown by the shop keepers at their backyards. The red bottles are filled with Dhan Jolokia (Rice Grain Chillies) and Bamboo Shoot pickles. The yellow bottles is filled with Star Fruit juice. I managed to get a good bargain with the Pineapples, Chillie pickle, Koldeel (Banana Flowers) and Bananas :-)