Monday, January 29, 2007

Shillong-Presbyterian Church

The Church in the evening light:
The Tablet commemorrating 100 years of Service:
Serenity inside the Church. While I was taking pictures of the Church outside, I could hear some singing. Walking inside I saw a group of 6 people singing. I assumed tehy were the Church's choir members. Perfect timing to my entry! :-)


She'll said...

The Church where I was baptized.
The porch where she stood, outside where I did, under the rain - my first experience with romance.

Ricky said...

So simple and serene. I love the colorful glasses at the entrance. Its very North Eastern Architecture with the use of wood inside.

I have a 1972 picture of the church (from Google), if you are ever interested. It has changed a lot since then.

Marlee said...

Ricky: Sure, Id liek to see the pic.why dont u put it up in Kaarindah?