Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Reaction by a Colleague on the Virginia Tech Uni massacre was to smirk and say, "Teng, teng, teng"...Ugh...I guess if he was in there he'd not have the time or thoughts to react in this insensitive behaviour :-I

Its weird to know that we don't know whats going to happen to any of us and quietly leave it to God.

Take care people.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Does he love me?
Maybe he does. Maybe he doesn't anymore.
Does he care? Maybe not. Maybe never.
But he said he did n he will,
Rem the day I was leaninging in your arms?
Will he come around? He might, but I don't think so.
But why not? He should. Shouldn't he?

Why doesnt she take my call? Or reply to my msgs?
Doesn't she see that I need her?
Just to unburden myself n talk abt the day.
You said you'd call but you didn't.
Can I call you now?

Do I look alright? Am I getting too fat?
Is my arse sticking out or is it my paunch?
Should I straighten my hair?
But why is she giving me that look?!
Am I looking weird? Or am I intimidating her?
Maybe Im beta, in the way I dress, walk, talk n laugh!
Maybe its the attention I get!

But why aren't you talking to me?
Was it me? Did I do something wrong?
But maybe its just you and not me.
Whatever it is, guess what? I don't give a fuck.
I'm going to be me.
You either take it or leave it.
I dont care.

Okies...Here's the latest abt me (Sandy, Mehak n Ricky already know abt it), I had a "stupid" accident on Sunday night and hurt my left knee and left elbow but im getting better. Tried relaxing on Monday but the thought of huge deductions on my salary n of my impending leaves, I went to work today. Was alright for most of the day except when I bumped my other feet on the wounded knee! It hurt so bad that I started crying...I know, I know Im a cry baby. With the wounds I cant wear anything else but loose clothings so I am sticking to wearing Salwar Kurtas. For one who doesnt look for too many plausible reasons I went ahead n bought myself some kurtas, a top n a skirt! I feel good but my knee hurts what with all the exertion! But I guess no pain, no gain. And guess what? I went to withdraw some cash and saw that I had got my arrears frm work! I come! :-D Anyway its late, I gotta hit the sack. Take care people.