Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Reaction by a Colleague on the Virginia Tech Uni massacre was to smirk and say, "Teng, teng, teng"...Ugh...I guess if he was in there he'd not have the time or thoughts to react in this insensitive behaviour :-I

Its weird to know that we don't know whats going to happen to any of us and quietly leave it to God.

Take care people.


Ricky said...

I hope your colleague doesn't read blogs :-o

I think we can control certain things in life but cannot control everything. We leave those 'other' things to other people and sometime they fail us, like in this case the gunman (or maybe the lax gun laws of US)

You too take care please...

Marlee said...

@ Ricky: Actually he should read some Blogs, it'll help in getting some sensitivity n culture!

You take care as well!

ektaran said...

There are loads of ppl with this same behaviour around ME.