Thursday, August 30, 2007


Oops I did it again! :-/

Have you woken up the next morning regretting having done the dumbest things the other night?

Yeah, thats how dumb I feel now!


Monday, August 27, 2007

Another time, some place else? No way!

A start of another week with a holiday in between! What more can I ask? :-D
The past few days have just passed by with so many things happening-work, college, people. I feel like I'm in a constant Whirlpool! But then again, its only once we're young and working our asses off! I should stop complaining.

Happy days rather, gloating days are here for me. Why? I had gone out Jeans shopping last weekend with some amount of trepidition. I was worried that I'd have to ask the sales person to give me a waist size 30" :-O But, then guess what? I fit into a size 28" quite fine. That, despite the paunch which makes me look very pregnant, is an achievement! YAY, to me & low waist jeans! :-D

Well, here's something that I came across when I'd gone out for dinner the day.On that note, take care people. Have fun receiving rakhi's and gifts (!) tomorrow!