Saturday, March 15, 2008

Weekend bum is me

Ironical. Here's what my Orkut profile says for today's fortune - Our first and last love is...self-love.
True but when does the mind realise that?!

The weekend's here and I'm totally exhausted with work n college. Guess what I've got hold of to de-stress? Nah, not a hot bod guy ;-) (I could crave for that though). I picked up 2 MB's (Mills n Boons) from a friend. Have never read them (I did read Barbara Catland though. Oh well.) and today I'm in this mood to read through some trashy romance tomes and tell myself how silly can people as well as love be. Argh. Will Blog about how I feel after reading them! :-)

The parents were in town last week and I ofcourse had to make the most of this oppourtunity! I went shopping. Lol. I picked up loads of summer wear. Going to work in different and new attire everyday is sure fun. I can't wait to go drinking in my new sexy top as well! (I could sing, "Where's the next whiskey bar?" right now :-)

There will be an offsite from work to the hills soon but I'm still not decided about going. Couple of my friends aren't going and a couple more are. I have the impending exams as well. Hmmmm...I'm so not decided. As in, I know I shouldn't be going what with the exams but **sheepish smile** I want to have some fun!!!

By the way, my summer plans of drinking and having fun before hitting the books fulltime have been squashed. The Best Friend won't be around here. He'll be busy interning back home! :'( There goes my beer-drinking-sessions-in-the-afternoon dreams! Sob. Any suggestions of how to manage minus the Best Friend?

I'm off to read my "books".

Sunday, March 09, 2008


It's unbelievable as well as scarey - the heights of moronic and psychotic behaviour I could push myself to do just so to piss someone off.
Where's the shrink?