Saturday, December 01, 2007


After all the frenzy over Prison Break I & II and the "delectable" Michael Scoffield, I've realised
had it not been for his glamourised role he'd have been just another normal (not drool worthy) looking person. There goes one of my crushes.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

One year of Blogging

The Blog's first birthday came and went by without any event. I guess I didn't write about it only because I was too busy with work and College. Oh well, Belated Happy 1st Birtjday to my Blog! :-D
It's been one eventful year in the Blog apart from some dormant phases. This is where I have given vent about almost everything that gets my goat. From an unpleasant breakup to my cooking experiments to travelling and photographs, this is where it's recorded. I thought I was addicted to Blogging but with the present scenario of no time at all, I'd like to think I'm addicted to Blogging! The best part about Blogging is how I am to have made some very good Blog pals - Mehak , Ricky and Lalit.
These guys aren't only my Blog pals but Orkut, Facebook as well as phone pals! They have been there just a phone call away - even to answer if earthworms had 13 or 15 hearts(LOL). This is probably the rare occasion I might admit but I love the fact I'm friends with you guys! :-)
Here's to more Blogging and eventful friendships!


Guys, how does one add a hyper link? I tried but it doesn't show! Help!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

No more birthday blues!

Oh well, so much for making another birthday such a big deal. I'm alright now. Ok with the fact that I'm 24! I didn't quite plan out anything for the "day". The best friend and some of my neighbours were there to celebrate by cutting a cake and some food. Nice and simple. I also got gifts from the most unexpected places which was kinda sweet! :) Have uploaded some pics of the birthday.
Flowers from Pete:

Flowers from Bachchu and Ronmi:

The YUM bday cake from Bachchu and Ronmi:

All in all, a good birthday and a new year with some fun stuff in store!