Sunday, July 01, 2007


Can't sleep thanks to some very bad sleeping habits.

The Monsoons should be here tomorrow according to the Met. Dept. Lets see. Despite my love for the monsoons I still have some complaints against this weather.
For one, I perpetually have bad hair days everyday. How? My hair is forever frizzy! Getting it in place is a marathon task which is accomplished by using huge dollops of Hair Gel.
Apart from that I have been trying to finish washing all my dirty laundry which has been piling up for a very "long" time (not worth mentioning since I'd only scandalise some of you :-D) Does anyone know how to get ride of the smell that comes from the not so dried clothes?! I totally hate it but can't get ride of them in this weather. Pls do not say that I should use a clothes drier (Like Ricky!). I am the washing machine and the erratic sun the drier.
Also, I can't wear my favourite suits/churidars since the muck gets all over them!
Grumble, grumble...I'm so glad the heat is going to be history. It was absolute joy to get caught in the rain last Thursday! Not just once, but twice (I never said experience makes me wiser!)
Anyway off to try to sleep again. Good night people. Take care.