Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Unusal Visitor...

Found this Lizard across my bathroom window some days ago. Talk about being a smart snooper. I never thought I was scared of them until I saw this one. Now I am. You cant blame me for that. (I just noticed the window looks really dirty. Let me reassure you, its dirty from the other side and not my side!)
Have had another very irritating visitor, pigeons. They continuously build their nest in the ventilator in the bathroom. Despite keeping the ventilator covered from my side I still get bits of their nest most mornings.
Start of another week of Work & College...Argh...At the start of every week I keep comforting myself with the weekend and when the weekend eventually comes, it just zips by before I can spell WEEKEND! :'( Last weekend I was nursing my hangover :-/ not a good experience. I also dropped my phone into a bucket of water! 8-O I can't even think of telling the parents. Dad could/would kill me. The phone by the way, went dead but thankfully the Best Friend could revive it back with some brains and an effective hair dryer the next day. Thank God for the Best Friend and the Hair Dryer.
How'd your weekend go people? Have a good week!