Friday, December 08, 2006

Chicken Lunch

Had some friends come over for lunch yesterday...I find it therapeutic to cook for others as well as myself...I find it a good way to unwind. And I also cant loose my cool while cooking coz I'd have to eat the end result (whether good or bad!). Here's some of the pictures of the lunch.
The spread consisted of:
Chicken Curry (which turned out too watery!)
Vegetable Sabzi
Boiled Beans

Here's Loky's plate. It does look good!:
My Guinea pigs, Loky and Sonu:
Oh have a look at the VCD Loky's holding, its a Tamil movie, KAKA KAKA...Had Loky translating the entire movie...even the emotional scences. It was hilarious but he did a good job. The movie? Not bad at all. Story of an IPS officer and the trials they have to face. I think I have a crush on the main actor!!!

Rounded off the evening with a nice cup of ginger tea and cookies (in the box): All in all a fun filled afternoon! Had the final rehearsals for the concert after that. Excited! I do hope the concert goess off well. Pray for us!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

SAD-Seasonal Affective Disorder

Theres no sunshine in Delhi! Will have to make do with cozy lampshades and a heater to get through yet another dreary winter. I think I Suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) or Winter depression :-(

Sunday, December 03, 2006


I know that me commending the Delhi police might raise some eyebrows but then what happened last night has made me see these khaki clad men with new insight now. Here's what happened: I was on my way to work and right in front of my cab was this bike with two guys. There was a Maruti 800 that came from behind and hit the bike so hard that both the occupants fell off the bike with the bike taking a 180 degree turn bang on the middle of the road. The pillion riders helmet came off due to the impact of the jolt of the Maruti. Thankfully there werent too many cars speeding by otherwise the accident could have been more worse, even gory. The maruti driver tried to get away despite the bike driver trying to stop him. What would have become a hit and run accident was saved due to the vigilance of the PCR Van nearby. The PSR Van chased the Maruti driver for about 4 minutes and caught up with him. Now that was something not really expected what with the Police being one of the most corrupt departments in the government. But then again, with this episode I still have some faith for the Law and Order of the country. Hats off to you once again, Delhi Police! :-)

I just got back from a shoe shopping expedition. Yes, expedition because its such a pain to shop with a limited budget :-I But I managed to get a good pair from GK I, M Block Market. Its nice and strappy. Even though im not into the tie-up sandals type, I had to take it because it did look good on me! Alright I am coming to the price: was priced at Rs 1050 but managed to sweet talk the shop keeper to give it to me for Rs 900 (!!!) I should become a pro at flirting with Shopkeepers pretty soon ;-) lol!