Friday, December 08, 2006

Chicken Lunch

Had some friends come over for lunch yesterday...I find it therapeutic to cook for others as well as myself...I find it a good way to unwind. And I also cant loose my cool while cooking coz I'd have to eat the end result (whether good or bad!). Here's some of the pictures of the lunch.
The spread consisted of:
Chicken Curry (which turned out too watery!)
Vegetable Sabzi
Boiled Beans

Here's Loky's plate. It does look good!:
My Guinea pigs, Loky and Sonu:
Oh have a look at the VCD Loky's holding, its a Tamil movie, KAKA KAKA...Had Loky translating the entire movie...even the emotional scences. It was hilarious but he did a good job. The movie? Not bad at all. Story of an IPS officer and the trials they have to face. I think I have a crush on the main actor!!!

Rounded off the evening with a nice cup of ginger tea and cookies (in the box): All in all a fun filled afternoon! Had the final rehearsals for the concert after that. Excited! I do hope the concert goess off well. Pray for us!


Mehak said...

Marlee when are you inviting us for dinner????

Tamil movie..Kaka Kaka..havint heard the name here...will ask my maid tomm if she knows about this movie...

ahhh.....garam chai....*heavenly* n then ZZZzzz

besties for ur concert !!

sandeep said...

me too wana come for a feast, waiting for an invite.

Ivan said...

Hmmm... Sigh...

Ricky said...

Mere muhn main pani aa gaya post padh ke. I love cooking too. I have a cooking blog too, so you can check that out sometime. The menu looks yummy. The picture looks more yummier. I love the "Catch" salt and pepper bottles, it has been years since I saw those. Lemme make some chai too.

Best of Luck for your concert. Do post about it later. Cheers!!

Marlee said...

Mehak: ofcourse u'll get a treat frm me when ur here! Have u asked ur maid abt the movie? Thanks for the wishes for the concert!

Ricky: I ahev seen ur food blog and its impressive! I'm planning to cook something from there once i get home for xmas! I dont think i deserve all those compliments frm u...i cant cook cuisines like u...i cook more of normal, ghar ka khana types! Thanks for the concert wishes! Yup, will put up some pics of teh concert by tmrw.

Marlee said...

Sandeep: Im glad you came for the concert but not happy that u went away without a word...I couldnt have screamed at you with all the crowd around. I can pretend to be sophisticated.

Edward said...

Its "Kaakha Kaakha". Kaakha means "To Guard" in Tamil. Comes from an old couplet in Tamil, if I remember correctly.

The lead actor is called Suriya and he recently got married.

All FYI, of course. :-)

Marlee said...

Edward: thanks for the trivia! By teh bye, Suriya has married a Marathi actress whos a hit in the south