Thursday, September 13, 2007

Connected once again!

Much to my chagrin my net connection was down for the past 6 days. Had to check my mails either at work or the net cafes. I hated using both. My vivid imagination would make me wonder if the last person who used the comp had clean hands or not or wonder what kinda weird stuff had he touched! :-/

Celebrated my dearest friend's birthday yesterday even though we didn't plan to celebrate it together on the same day. But luckily I got off work early and we made it on time to give the last order at this late night restaurant. We made do with a dark chocolate with orange desert as the cake and a drink hot chocolate. Made a rucous singing him the Happy Birthday song. Fun :-)

Flirting or attempts made by men to flirt with me makes me smile and shake my head and think that all men are so similar. Its the same routine work - smile, look at the other person surreptiously, make a sarcastic comment and try to sound intelligent...Sigh...Yawn...But its time I moved on and now I'm game ;-)Take care people!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Birthday Wishes...

You and Me
Cheese and Chalk
Bhija Mekuri and Bengi
Laughter and Tears
Best friend and Worst critique.

Happy Birthday to one of the bestest things that could happen to me!

Lotsa love n hugs,