Saturday, March 17, 2007

The pursuit of happyness and more

Anyone watched this movie? Watched it sometime last week and for once I liked Will Smith in some movie. I loved him in "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air". Anyway this is a movie based on a true story of a man living in utter penury, overcoming it and coming out stronger and richer, ofcourse. The last scene when Will Smith walks amongst the crowd with full of emotions was so touching. I was on the verge of tears! But my favourite scene was one where both father and son check into a hotlel and fall alseep watching TV. Christopher Juniour sleeping on his father's lap wiht his mouth wide open was so cute! :-) I loved one of its dialogues:
Will Smith: Dont ever let someone tell you, you can't do something. Not even me. All right?
Son: All right.
Solid advice, I'd say.
Anyway my lathest crush is the SON! Yup, thats right. Im gonna wait for him to grow into a dashing young man and then we'll take it from there ;-) hehehe

Oh yes, another thing, I bought a digicam for myself last Sunday. I was getting the tired of having to borrow my parents' as well as Sonu's. Im sure the feelings mutual. Anyway, I bought a Canon 4 megapixel cam for 8 something. I got confused whether to buy a 4 MP or a 6 MP cam so I ended up calling Him. Yes, I did call him. Why? Coz amongst all my friends I think hes the one with the widest knowledge on everything. I cant do anything without having his opinion. More like receiving his blessings or some green signal of sorts. Uff. Thats wat I did for my laptop as well. I will get over doing this just the way Im getting over him. Anyway the camera's cool and Im happy taking pictures most of the time.

Went to JNU yest to submit my application forms. Took some pics. Should upload them soon. I dont know, I didnt like JNU! Why? Its like being in the middle of nowhere, well, in the middle of a JUNGLE. Found it scarey! Wonder how it would be if I had to walk around the campus at night? :-o Is it just me or the place is just not becomign me. I did the same yrs ago when I got into St Stephens. Daddy called me all the way from Guwahati, all excited and asked me how i found College. I went, 'Its ok, more like a desert. The trees are too dry.' Lol, insipid, thats me. So I think its me. Im sure once I start living in JNU I'll come to love the place. Thats if I make it. Uff! Im worried.

Oh I can see eveyone getting their visual DNA uploaded in their blogs. I first came across one in Reshma's blog, then Lalit n Ekta. Think I will upload one as well. Ricky and Sanguine, how about you two? Anyway I'm off to bed. Good night people.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Fallen yet beautiful

I have no idea wat this flower's called but love its fiery colour nonetheless. An attention 'receiving' flower I'd say! Its quite ubiquitous around Delhi. This one's taken from the Society where I live.