Friday, June 01, 2007

Birthday Wishes...

for a fellow blogger and friend:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEHAK!!! (crackers bursting and trumpets rolling)Wishes from some of us :-D
T (!):
Mehak...she is fragrance of my life. Didnt even realise that its been more than two years since we got married... and we have enjoyed every day togeather...!! Writing this, I go back in the memory lane...our days trying to set up the house together...the cribbings about bangalore traffic and autowalahs (not that they have stopped now...)...riding the bike around the city...setting up houses time and again from one place to other....lots of smiles and some fights... Though I have to follow many strict rules from the master of the house, i just love being a brat in front of her :):)...and yes.. she has transformed to a great cook...(though she is too modest and critical of herself to admit that ;) ) I am glad that we are a couple!!!...wishing her a wonderful birthday and joyful years to come...(Well...that also means wonderful years for me ;-) ) Here's Ricky (!):
Mehakooo - I don't know what to say about her. She is a fighter...errr...she fights with me all the time. Right now she is chatting with me talking about blogging or rather On a serious note, she is my first and best friend in the blog-world. We may not be blogging but always keep in touch with blogs one way or another. I cannot wait to meet her on my trip to India and fight in person :-P
This is her third birthday since I know her but it feels like we have been friends all our lives. My only wish is that she always be the way she is and all her dreams come true (ok these were two wishes but thoda adjust toh chalta hain).
Happy Birthday to the most beautiful person inside out. (Bas main thak gaya taarif kar kar ke)

Me (!):
What can I say about a Blog friend who's also become a good friend whom I can call anytime and have a chat with? What can I say about this friend who's always reminding me to be studying? Who threatens to spill it all to my parents someday soon? Who's always concerned about your welbeing? Well...a PAIN...but a good one...! And I wouldn't want to trade you for anything else in the world (Well, except for Wentworth Miller, JOKING!) Here's wishing a great birthday that'll be filled with loads of chocolates and flowers...And the entire new year filled with love, fun and peace. These pictures are from use but the real and tangible gifts is T's responsibility! (Haha, passing the buck now.) (PS-transformation to a good cook is good news for some of us!) :-p Have fun! *hugs*
Some more flowers....
This picture was taken with my new phone. (Not bad, huh?)