Sunday, April 22, 2007

Of Proposals, Vokda Golgappas n Marriages...

Just when you think life couldn't get more boring with an injured knee, impending entrances and the heat, I got a proposal. Not just any proposal, this person has proposed to me thrice before and each time I've said no. Why would I do that despite the fact that he's gorgeous, tall n nice, if not anything else? I dont know. Maybe coz I still think I love someone else, just not ready to get into a relationship or simply coz I love reveling in my Single status. Anyway so this guy calls me the other day (since we're acquaintances, we catch up on and off) and starts abt how he misses me loads. (Wow! after all these months of not seeing each other?) And says he knew why I said no to him before. His reason-that my persception of him being a Playboy was right but he says he's changed. Here I was loosing my patience, what with my bad knee and having to get up early for work the next day.(Now I know how my ex feels when I call him all senti n drunk! Apologies.) Anyway if all that wasn't enough this guy had to add something like this-"Im sure you'll love me now. I have been working out and I have abs, a flat tummy and biceps. I'm sexy!" Yay! Good for you but I'm just not interested in Body Building! And wat is it, is he like Dumb, Dumber, Dumbest?! Despite telling him abt the accident he wanted to catch up with me this Saturday. Whatever. I was talking to Sandy abt it and Sandy thought I loved every bit of this attention but I didn't! Not when its coming frm the wrong person! Argh! Enough of messed up proposals!

Anyway u guys want to try out something diff? Try Golgappa with Vodka-its great! Not too sure if they serve it anywhere else but I had it in Punjabi by Nature.
Pete's been asking me why I havent written anything abt the Ash-Abhi wedding or why I didnt tell him Ash was getting married. Pete, knowing how much you adore Ash I thought I'd break the news gently :-D And what do I think of the wedding? She's such a kidnapper, Abhi's too young and cool for her.
Anyway I'd better publish this before any other glitches happen. I've had redo it twice! Doesn't Blogger recognise Cont Z button?! I'm off for today. Hoping you guys have a great week ahead!
Some pics of my attempted cooking here:


Ricky said...

Aha!! Someone seems smitten by our Girl but then who won't be ;)

Wah, sone pe suhanga, Gol gappe with Vodka. Punjabi by Nature is my fav. place too. Good good.

I think Ash is too fake for Abhi but good for them, who are we to judge...right ;)

I saw your experiment with cooking, now I am drooling, lemme have my vanilla icecream with fresh cut strawberries for breakfast :P

Pete said...

why are u hanging round priya?? eh?

haha neways yup shes far too good for him what have a multi millonarie bollywood actor when you could have pete?!!? hey?!

her loss

Pete said...


Think of you with pipe and slippers
Think of her in bed
Laying there just watching telly
Then think of me instead

I'll never grow so old and flabby
That could never be
Don't marry her, have me

And your love light shines like cardboard
But your work shoes are glistening
She's a PhD in "I told you so"
You've a knighthood in "I'm not listening"

She'll grab your sweaty bollocks
Then slowly raise her knee
Don't marry her, have me

And the Sunday sun shines down on San Francisco bay
And you realise you can't make it anyway
You have to wash the car
Take the kiddies to the park
Don't marry her, have me

Those lovely Sunday mornings
With breakfast brought in bed
Those blackbirds look like knitting needles
Trying to peck your head

Those birds will peck your soul out
And throw away the key
Don't marry her, have me

And the kitchen's always tidy
And the bathroom's always clean
She's a diploma in "just hiding things"
You've a first in "low esteem"

When your socks smell of angels
But your life smells of Brie
Don't marry her, fuck me

And the Sunday sun shines down on San Francisco bay
And you realise you can't make it anyway
You have to wash the car
Take the kiddies to the park
Don't marry her, have me

And the Sunday sun shines down on San Francisco bay
And you realise you can't make it anyway
You have to wash the car
Take the kiddies to the park
Don't marry her, gave me

haha no not a hint but a song i felt relevant to your whole you can do better than mr attempt to propose 3 times :D

ektaran said...

Ishq Visq haan...with a body builder...Marlee are in Demand..:)

I've been to Punjabi by the one in Noida...but never had Golgappas with Vodka...pretty innovative haan...thats what we Punju's are *la la la la la*

Ash...Its all about LUCK!!

Off to check your Flickr album now.

a_n_u_r_a_g said...

The dissection of the proposal is sure to send shivers down the spine of lots of people. I suggest you add a label - 'gruesome' for this blog entry :-P

If this is how a self proclaimed sexy body builder's pleas are turned down and blasted in public view, lesser mortals better not give it a try ;)

Surendran said...

tch tch.... i pity for that guy... :P but good one ya... would serve as an eye opener for many and stress that probably life is not the cinematic way always

PSV said...

I dont know who should i feel sorry for...u or the loser!

Lalit Singh said...

:) wow same guy proposing thrice... and this time with washboard and biceps n all... what are the odds!!!