Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Its all about phases, my friend.

*Loads happening at the moment, from subsidary exams to entrances. And they arent going great. I studied an entire night for a subsidary only to reach the exam centre and be told that the Univ didnt send the paper. I'll know when the exam will happen next week. Fingers crossed. All I can do is despair and wait for the "exam/entrance" phase to go.

*Many familiar people are leaving for different reasons. These are people with whom I made so many pleasant memories. Now I might never meet them again. Its sad.

*Old friends making STD/ISD calls just to find out how I am makes me feel special and SMILE.

*Making plans of meeting up with friends I havent seen in "some" time excites me at the moment. Especially since I know that its going to happen very soon!

*Some things can never get better, they can only get worse. I have to stop begging Him to be just a friend. But I can't stop myself. Its a horrible feeling and phase.

*I wish getting fat was a temporary phase. Oh well, Im resigning myself to my not-so-temporary "fatness" phase.

*Im going through the "Superwoman" phase. Why? I flew all over town rescuing my non Delhite frm the airport and keeping him safe until he boared his next flight. Yay! to me.

*Im totally addicted to "Prison Break". I'm told its just been released in India but guess wat? I have both Season I and II...haha...Its should go without saying Wentworth (Drooooool) Miller is my latest crush :-D

Some of my fav. earrings. Tell me which one/s did u like best? My fav.? I loooooove them all :-)
Untill my exam/entrances phase gets over, take care people!


Ricky said...

I have been through some of the tough phases you mentioned and all I can say is that, they will pass with time.

I know you will do well in life, its just a matter of time. Even I am going through this anxiety phase of looking for a job, so can empathize with you.

I think I will now have to bring SMILE to your face but with a surprise :P

I commented on the picture at flickr.

Take care of yourself Superwoman (if you need an assistant like Robin of Batman, I am here...lol)

Pete said...

i liked the square one bestus


Lalit Singh said...

I like the one in blue with those 3 blue beads on dark silver
The hooks look dangerous though :P