Thursday, August 02, 2007

Back after a hiatus

Thats right. Im back after a long hiatus. I stopped opening my Blog page or even visiting/commenting in the Blogs I regularly visit. I know it seems very selfish on my part when I have some of my Blog friends have been so consistently encouraging me to Blog etc. Thanks guys :)

Classes in the Univ have started. Quite like it to be back listening to lectures. Still have to get to know people around though. The ones I know are, um, ok. One of them was very impressed that the Professor used a word like "SCANDALOUS." What? Yeah, that was my reaction as well. According to this guy people have stopped using such "good" words and they can now only be found in Literature. I was wondering if I would like to be bitchy and mean and make an ass of him or just be not bothered? I let him off. I know, I can be kind "sometimes."
One of the professors in the other hand, persistently uses Hinglish. I do feel bad for the foreign classmates who look so lost when he cracks a funny joke in Hindi.
Guess im going to take some time getting used to being a student once again.

Sometime last week my favourite(st) teacher who's also become a friend asked me about the 'sullen young man' she had met last year. I told him he was history and was she glad. So am I. Yes, I am getting on and much happier now and ofcourse, grateful with what I have :)

Off late I have become addicted to Ugly Betty and That 70's Show. Have been downloading them from the Net :-D Boy, am I pleased with my collection! What are you guys watching on TV? Anything good that I can download? ;-)

Take care people.


ektaran said...


You are back!!


ektaran said...

Back to college....those desks & lectures & canteen & friends!!!

Oeee even I'm watching Ugly Betty...aaj aana hai!!! :)

The other day Betty(America Ferrera) was on The Ellen Degeneres Show....

Hope to read regular posts here...n bring on some pics too girl!!

btw, are you following The Apprentice??

Ricky said...

Look who is back, you sneaker :P

Well, I won't complain about not being in class coz that's where I have been all my life but yea do miss it sometimes esp. meeting new people (read girls).

I know all about your addiction to Ugly Betty and 70s show. I watch 70s show sometimes and its not that bad. I love the father-son relation in that one, reminds me of

I am a "Seinfeld" freak and "Simpsons" fan. Rest, I watch Indian Idol every week and nothing much.

Ricky said...

Good to see you back ladki... :-)

Marlee said...

@ Mehak: I did watch the Apprentice a couple of times but havent followed it...who's won the Apprenticeship?

@ Ricky: Girls? tell me something new! :-p I loooooooooooove Eric frm That 70's show but then I also loooooooooove Michael Scofield frm Prison Break n then my crush at work?! lol.

cosmic clown said...

hmmm interesting blog....nice to read all ur posts....

AmitL said...

Hi,Marlee...didn't know u were taking blogging breaks.:)Already been 10 days since this post,so,perhaps you need some motivation..*Keep it up*. A big grin at people using Hinglish,and,nice words like 'scandalous'-you know, out here in Dxb,I see the most (im)perfect usage of Hindi,English as well as Hinglish..Hinglish,of course,is on FM channels more than anywhere else.Hey,u like 'that '70s show',too?Same here.Where do u download from?Cheers and have a grt day..waiting for the next post.

Marlee said...

@ Cosmic Clown: Welcome to my Blog
Thanks for the appreciation :)

@ AmitL: Amit, I get ur point, thus an update :-p
I totally loooooooove (times infinity) THAT 70's SHOW!
um...this is supposed to be hush hush...its, um...Ares! wat do u use to download stuff?

AmitL said...

Both Ares and Limewire.:)But,the search for good download sites is always on..will keep u updated.:)