Monday, April 02, 2007

Mehendi, K and more

I felt flighty on Saturday so I dragged K to the Market and got Mehendi done in my hand. If you look carefully you'll see that its a peacock thats been drawn on the hand. Like it? I love it :-D Yesterday was April Fools Day, did u guys manage to pull up any tricks? ;-) I tried n failed miserably! :-( Pete, I still cant forgive u! Wet blanket, u! :-p

Spent last evening with K. We went gorging on Street food and watched 'Namastey London'. Street food of Paneer tikki and Alu Chat and Kulfi was great but the movie was equally disastrous :-( Dont even make the mistake of watching it! It was CRAP. Akshay was acting so dumb. K loves him so he defended him saying the movie made him look bad. Watever! Katrina plays the dumb British brat with such an elan that by the end you want to throttle her to shut her up! But I thought Katrina's Brit bf was kinda cute but even he couldnt act to save his life or the movie. Anyway, my advice-do not waste time or cash on the movie!

K's moved to Jaipur today and I dont know when he'll be back. Anyway K now that ur gone, I can say that I'll miss you loads. Wonder who's going to bring me my daily quota of milk n bananas? ;-) But all the best with the new job! Im sure u'll have fun. Take care n get back soon to Delhi. Best wishes, Buddy.


Ricky said...

Mehndi is pretty funky :D

I fooled Mehak through email, ask her :P

The street food talk is making me hungry :P

Thanks for saving me from the movie, I had no plans to watch it anyways :P

mehak said...

I like Mehendi..but towards the end...when its fading...I hate it on my hands.

Namastey London...have no plans of watching this one.

Marlee said...

@ Ricky: Wat have u done to Mehak? :-O

@ Mehak: I agree, it looks bad whne its fading. Lol @ have no plans of watching this one! How did Ricky fool u? :-O