Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Wishful thoughts

Things I'd rather be doing right now instead of working and feeling feverish:

1) Sleeping under my quilt!
2) Get a hug.
3) Be with my parents.
4) Go for a walk.
5) Have a nice cup of ginger tea. Hmmm...

Ok, time to get back to my work, sigh... Wat would you guys be rather doing as well? Comon, tell all!



mehak said...

Awwh....loads of virtual hugs babes...thats what I can manage right now...:D

I too want to be with my folks right now...:(

mehak said...

feeling feverish??? kya re...

Ricky said...

Get Well Soon Marlee!!

I will be sleeping soon like you are at the moment.

(((Hugs))) toh free main le lo. Even I wish to be with my parents although my Mom has gone away with her sister for a tour.

Walk pe jaane ke no himmat and I had 3 cups of ginger tea already :P

I would rather be in India :D

Marlee said...

Lol...thank you Mehak n Ricky for ur wishes! :-)
All of us want to be wiht our parents! :-( Ginger tea? im off to some now! :-D

Pete said...

if i drink tea does that count as ginger tea?