Saturday, March 31, 2007

Barapani Lake

I have been meaning to upload these pics in ages but, but they just remain to be done. I was in Barapani sometime January and the weather was glorious, just the right amount of Sun for a walk by the Lake. There's a story behind this Lake, as far as I can remember it was about this two sisters who were coming down from Heaven to Barapani. Only one of them made it here and she cried her heart out into a Lake because of that! By the way, this Lake is also called Umiam Lake. Check out the mist in this pic! Wonder who lives there all isolated? I couldnt have done that!
How abt a ride with a view people? And this, is one of my fav pics! Isnt the blueness of the watre against the wild flowers awesomely striking?
Take care people!


Ricky said...

Wow!! Thanks Marlee!!!!!!!!!!!

You know I hardly remember Shillong as I was there from ages 1-4 but remember one picnics we had in Barapani with all the Army people. Everyone played cricket, went boating and all. My Mom loved Shillong and esp. admired the fact that all women there were so independent and educated. Thanks for all the memories.

The pictures are out of this world. My favorite one is the first one, the misty one. Awesome!!

Yes, I have read the story you mentioned. Its amazing how back home, people create all these wonderful stories around lakes and mountains. It just add to the mystery that is India :)

Marlee said...

@ Ricky: Picnics, cricket n boating? Wat fun! Im GLAD u like them! :-D Wat was ur Mom's reaction?!

Sandy said...

Gr8 pics, place is no less than heaven esp for sm1 who has lived in this concrete jungle called Delhi all his life. I wud surely like to visit assam once in a while. I hope ppl are hearing. :-)

Marlee said...

@ Sandy: Yes yes I hear u! n ur welcome...I will do anything to make a Baniya's stay in Assam memorable...will feed u pork n chicken everyday! with loads of Rice Beer as well! kaise laga plan?
But seriously, its one place u dont want to miss not going!

mehak said...

*Mouth Wide Open*...OMG!!!

I need to visit this part of our Country.

Marlee said...

@ Mehak: Pls do! Dec?! ;-)