Friday, March 30, 2007

Visual DNA, atlast!

I enjoyed doing this! Yeah, Im a BIG Vella :-D Pete, Ricky, Sanguine n Sandy-get urs done soon!


ektaran said...

what do u mean??

ppl who have done this....are vellas????????? grrrr

Ricky said...

I did this but never published it. My DNA is proprietary and hence non-publishable :P (kidding)

Why are all girl's art is making matkas and surayees? I think it has something to do with the movie "Dirty Dancing" :P

Your drink is good, Cheers!! :D

Good to know your DNA, now I can clone you and Mehak and make Marak or Meharlee :P

Marlee said...

@ Ektaran: Yes!!! :-D I was bored n then I was taking ur 'order'...ud told me to update the i thot this would have to do for now! Where's my treat?!

@ Ricky: Upload ur DNA! Havent watched "Dirty dancing" :-( i'd love to learn how to make mutkas!

U clone us n u'll get a BOMB!!! Lol!

Pete said...

0% match!!




Marlee said...

@ Pete: 0% match-thats coz u r u (Bum) n I am Me (Wow)

Sandy said...

U r still 85cents short of being nywhere close to me.

Nice to know a stone age woman. :)

Marlee said...

@ Sandy: Oye, kya stoneage women bol rahe ho? Havent seen the SOPHISTICATED bit? :-p ok, me anywhere close to u? hah! thats coz ur way behind me! :-p

Pete said...

0% is oppisites and magnets and keys on a piano an all that jazz

Marlee said...

@ Pete: aww...arent u the smooth talker? :-)