Monday, March 26, 2007

Sorry seems to be the easiest word

Would saying sorry be fine?
For everything done,
intentionally and unintentionally.
How I wish I could undo
all the unhappiness and tears.
But they're irrevocable now.
And all I can do is to say sorry.


Ricky said...

Take care...

Marlee said...

Ricky: :-) Thanks buddy.

Mehak said...

Hope things are better now.

Anonymous said...


They say 'hate' and 'regret' are a burden on your soul.

'Sorry' is a rare word and people who use it are rarer still.

You have just discovered the secret of youth!

Marlee said...

Mehak: I think things will be the same until I become a toothless spinster :-)

Anon: What can I say?

ektaran said...

'toothless spinster'...common don't be soo harsh on urself..I want to see you all settled & happy with a couple of kids...wat say??? idea kaisa hai??

Pete said...

sorry isn't worth the paper its printed on! :)

are u going to tell me or not! grrr

u shamless self publisiser!


Marlee said...

@ Ektaran: Hello Ektaran! Seeing u here after ages :-p

Aapka idea badia hai. I'd love to have kids and some pets! :-) Sigh...Tell u wat, I'll need ur help in finding a 'nice' guy in another 10 yrs time when im ready to 'settle' down! wat say u? :-D

Marlee said...

@ Pete: And every time its me who says Sorry! :-(

I will tell u when we'll be senile and have nothing to talk abt but reminisce our 'glorious' past!

Shameless? :-o Opportunist, more like it! :-p

mehak said...


ohh def gurl....10 yrs time...sahi hai...will be there to help u find 'the right one'!!