Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Hello Magazine hits Indian Stores!!!

If you're like me, a sucker for Celebrity news and gossip, this is the magazine for you. What would make you a Celebrity news sucker? Well, if you can't get by the day without having read and dissected your copy of DT (Delhi Times) then you're definitely one. Anway Liz and Arun's Wedding was the main story for the first month. Sigh...those wedding pics were so nice! Where do I start from? The venues, the clothes, people, everything seemed perfect. I think my lastest crush is Arun!

There were other stories of the rich indian families/people as well. Oh sample this-there was a write up on the premier racing family, the Poonawallas frm Pune (Duh). Anyway their introducction went like this-"They are close to being seen as the only blue-blooded family of Pune. They are industrialists, horse breeders and the biggest players of racing world across western India." LOL, one would think racing world across western India the same as the Ascots.

There are also all the juicy details of the break ups of Saif and Rosa and Hugh and Jemima and link ups as well. Then there are the predictable articles on the latest fashion and designs which I find boring. Its reading the Celebrity gossip that gives me an almost melicious satisfcation.

Another candid shot of Liz-Arun and Liz's son, Damien:

Grab your copies today people!


Mehak said...

I saw the copy @ one store last weekend...but don't know why was not tempted enuff to pick it up....Tell me more about 'juicy details of the break up of Saif and Rosa' asap.

rikesh said...

the cover doesn't attract me much...rosa's gone back and liz's old now...so don't 'hello' me dude! BTW who names his son damien?belials all!

Ricky said...

Aha!! I got it, its because of you that we have these cheesy magazines...he he.

They married in Jodhpur na, where we were posted for 3 years and my kiddo brother was born. We used to see the palace on top of the hill every night because if the red light was "on" it meant that king was in the palace. It was our only source of entertainment :-o

I will pass this copy but if you see a copy of any car magazine grab it for me :P

Surendran said...

would u mind sharing the magazine for a day, if u have it..??

Surendran said...

would u mind sharing the magazine for a day, if u have it..??

Marlee said...

Mehak: I knew ud be interested with the 'Saif' bit! :-p
Anyway heres the gossip-the MAIN reason for their break up was becoz of Rosa's rising popularity in Bollywood :-o

Rickesh: hey hey hey...give the mag a shot, im sure u'll be hooked ;-)

Marlee said...

Ricky: Oye, they arent all that cheesy, maybe a little :-D

Some kind of entertainment that was! :-)

Car Mag? hmmm...i'll pick it up only becoz ur asking me to explicitely.

Marlee said...

Surendran: Welcome to my Blog! The mag is for 50 bucks but if u still want me to lend u the mag, why not?
oh, Ive lent it to my boss at teh moment so ud have to wait for sometime :-)

ektaran said...

Ohh what a silly reason..haina???

I saw Saif on Koffee with Karan..& he was all Rosa Rosa...so was Soha...thanks for the info babes :)

Surendran said...

its not a matter of 50 bucks... is it really worth spending it for that mag..??

Lalit Singh said...

'Hello' got itself a publicist!!

Marlee said...

@ Ektaran: Its all abt insecurities! Sigh!

@ Surendran: If u like readign abt Celebrities and their lives, YES!!!

@ Lalit: Yes, that too for FREE!