Saturday, July 05, 2008

Back, at last

The toughness and heartlessness of the human heart can take one by surprise. Even when pain and abject poverty stands in front of us we can still push it to oblivion. Is one capable of selfless caring for the other person or does it stem as long as it is for the self?

I was on my way back home from work the other day and a handicapped person came to beg for some alms and all I did was shut my eyes and go back to sleep. Why did I do that? I thought I did it coz I didn't want to encourage beggary or was it because I didn't get affected by the wretchedness of that beggar. Have I become that hard hearted? I don't know.

On the brighter side, i'm back online and back to blogging. The past two months have been filled with too many things to do - exams, joining back work, missing the best friend, making my place a more livable place, calling TATA Broadband customer service for my net services (!) and watching movies. What have you guys been upto? Hoping alls been well.

Catch ya soon


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Ricky said...

I think it is the overwhelming poverty around us that sometimes force us to ignore it. Selfless caring is possible if we have some amount of control over improving the situation. There are times when the reality is so sad that we find ways to escape it.

Good to see you back to blogging and online. I have been working, playing cricket, watching movies...the same mumbo jumbo and ofcourse missing your posts :P