Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Bloggie, here I am.

Hey Bloggie, I'm back. I have neglected you for long, haven't I? Oh well, you'd beta get used to it. I'm so uninspired.

Anyway, what have I been busy with lately? Honestly? Nothing, except for spending a lot of time with friends, attending a wedding and going for a trip from work. (That reminds me I must Blog abt the trip some time soon.)

Talking about this wedding I attended - it was like a blast from the past. It was a family friend cum ex teacher's daughter's wedding. I met so many teachers after more than 8 years. A long time indeed. Time takes it toll on everyone. I thought many had aged and some teachers told me I had put on weight (**I have to loose some weight**). It was nice to meet these teachers and have them speak to you like an adult. There was no more that teacher-student equation or awkwardness. I was dressed in my traditional attire, which is the Mekhela Sador and I thought I looked gorgeous. But guess what the Best Friend had to say? You'll never guess :-/ He said I looked Goddess Saraswati. What?!! That was my reaction as well with jaws dropped ofcourse. I am supposed to take it as a compliment. I didn't know whether to complain or shake my head in dispair. Anyway most of you will see some of these pics in my Facebook account and you can decide for yourselves if I indeed looked like the said Goddess.

Here's some more weird idiosyncrasies of the Best Friend because of whom life seems to be a happier place- I was showing him my latest purchases from a shopping trip and this is what he had to say abt one of them. "This is a very long skirt." I had to explain that it wasn't a long skirt but an off shoulder dress. LOL! Sounds cute, doesn't he? He is :-D


sRiNaTh rAvUlApAlLi said...

indeed, a sweety.. :)
wl make a historical re-entry on facebook to check out saraswati.. :p
best wishes, best friend.. :)

Ricky said...

If Bloggie could talk, it would say "Sighhhh" :P

Among all the things you have been busy with, one thing is missing...err...ummm...studies :P

I would never want to attend anything with my teachers around. Firstly, it will be logistically impossible, what with 11 different schools in as many cities and secondly, half of them made me murga in class.

I will reserve my comments about your dress till they are on Facebook. Btw, Happy Bihu to you!!

Have I met this friend's of yours?

anks said...

lol @ long skirt!!!

Disha said...

visited this after a long time..was this a teacher from STS??

sanguine said...

hey marlee !! how have you been ??
goddess saraswati @ LOL , this chap is funny .