Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Commemorating Lizzie

Death doesn't seem to have taken away the fresh memories of Lizzie. It's been a year today since she's no more but I feel she is alive and gone for a while. This what I'd written about her a year ago here and here.

Surprising that somethng as grand as death can't take away what we as humans can hold on to, memories.


mehak said...

Yaa & its great to hold on to those lovely memories.

Just the other day I was having rusk & remembered my Muttley who we lost in Nov'06...he was crazy about chai & rusks...

Hey maybe Lizzie & Muttley are together now!!

Ricky said...

I remember your old posts about Lizzie. Its hard not to miss someone we have lost even if it an animal. They give us so much love for so little and the best part is that they are willing to listen to you when no one else will.

I am sure Lizzie is being wooed by both Muttley and Milo :P

@Ekta: Why can't it be Lizzie and Milo...grrrrrrrrrr :P My Milo loved chai-rusk too :P