Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Winters arrived

Winters are here...the cold is here and I'm so not happy. If there is one season I dislike, it has to be the Winters! Delhi winters even more. The constant cold numbing my fingers, ears and nose for two months, argh! I can't for the love of god imagine how do people manage living in places with snow for most of the year?! (Like Ricky!!!)
Anyhow, the Blowers been brought down and so have the Winter clothes including mufflers, gloves and caps. I have started wearing socks all day long and I can't even manage sleeping at night without my gloves on. For all this inconvenience I had to go shopping (Ofcourse) :-D Anyway picked up a pair of cool pair of Converse for everyday wear. As you can see below, I'm posing with them!My Dad refused to blow up $150 for a pair of Boots from abroad so I had to make do (not that I had any other choice) with one purchased from South Ext. I loooove them.
How are you guys preparing for the Winters? (I know Ricky's busy Winter shopping as well)
Thats all for now, have to get back to the books and the warm Blanket. Take care people.


ektaran said...

I soo soo hate winters...lazy, dark....I want some sunshine...the weather in b'lore has been pretty chilly...socks, shoes & sweats.....

love the boots girl!

Happy to see updates :-)

Ricky said...

Delhi's winter is like our Its been minus 26 this week and going out is like another chore. I only go out to catch my train to work and that's about it. But, I miss Dilli ke sardi :D

I am imaging you all wrapped up during winters with your nose turning red...he he

You sleep with your gloves on **shocked look** I don't even go out with gloves on :-|

Wah, kya bahana hain shopping karne ka but have to say your choice in shoes is pretty good. Love the Converse (is this a company or type of and the black ones are HOT.

Yea, I am going this weekend for some good 'ol winter shopping...wanna join me? :D

a_n_u_r_a_g said...

The best thing that I like abt winters is that I dont need to iron my shirts anymore. A sweater or a jacket over it does the trick ;)

Marlee said...

@ Mehak: Its apparently unusual to find ppl dislike Winters but girl, we have our reasons!

@ Ricky: -26? 8-O I'd be lump of frozen snow under such weather!
"red nose" like rudolph the re nosed reindeer?! (PJ!)
Shopping??!!! Yesss...send me the tickets and be ready with about a million $$$$!!!!

@ A_n_u_r_a_g: Hahahaa...thats so not wat I'd do!!!!

Disha said...

i miss delhi winters when the sun wud be out ! here its dark n wet n icky. i want to go home!!

K said...

I was fortunate enough to spend this winter in that makes it 10 years now :D
I like winters more than rainy(!!) and summer seasons.
The fact that upsets me is that there are less fortunate people who aren't well equipped to tackle the extremities.Sad,no?