Saturday, December 08, 2007

A recent conversation

Has this happened with you where you could never predict something like that to come up in a conversation? Like some stuff which probably is spoken only between very close friends and next thing you know, someone you hardly know asks you the same without even batting an eyelid? Yes, thats exactly what happened to me the other day. And to top it all, that person was one of my best friend's niece which technically makes me her Aunt as well though she is a IIIrd year College kid!!!

Anyway here is a snippet of the conversation:
Niece: The last time I met you with my Aunt you guys were talking about some weird boy friend of yours. (Note: This meeting was like 2 yrs ago)
Me (Smiling) : Yup, the weird one is history now.
Niece: So did you date anyone after that?
Me: Yup, someone who eventually broke my heart and I have been happily single for more than a year. (With a satisfied smile)
Niece (With a look of awe): Wow. And sex?!
Me (With jaws dropped): What about sex?
Niece: So how do you manage without it?
Me (I was about to pass out with the shock): It has never been an option!
Looking back I can only have a good laugh now.

Oh well, life doesn't seem to stop with her surprises!


Ricky said...

Kids say the darndest things but this is beyond darndest. I had heard that India has progressed in last 7 years but this is too quick even by any standard :P

Ricky said...

What happened to those innocent times when at that we age we thought it was the fault of bees that we are all here :P I thought that till my Xth grade...just kidding :D

Ivan said...
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Ricky said...

Thank You for adding that she was "College" kid because that makes it a little better from what I was

P.S: Disregard my second comment because by third year in college I knew that bees story was diversionary tactic used by our

Lalit Singh said...

life sure keeps throwing surprises. Enjoy ur singlehood while it lasts.

And heres a line I read somewhere
If life gives you lemons, stick them down your shirt and make your boobs look bigger. :P :P

ektaran said...

Ricky is still entangled with his birds n bees ki kahani :p

But, strange can ppl ask stuff like this...that too a 3rd yr coll kid.

Marlee said...

@ Ricky: I'm sure ur naivety is just an act to look cute!!! :-P

@ Lalit: Would the same quote apply to men as well? **Wondering**

@ Ektaran: Ricky, as I said earlier is acting! :-D

I don't know wat it is, but people don't seem to see that invisible line demarcating private spaces! Another question I'm often asked,"Do u live alone or in a PG?" My reaction,"Fuck Off!"

Anonymous said...

Ha ha(regarding the above comment)...true true...being a woman isn't easy huh?Anyway,ever noticed that all this makes us much more mature than men...

And regarding the post... let's take this as an example of teens being over curious about all things sexual.(see what hiding things in society can do to people?)