Friday, June 15, 2007

Its raining, people!

Was it the pre monsoon showers or what but it rained today. Going out should be a pleasure now. Have suffered enough by being told by the folks and friends back home of the continuous showers there! Yippieeeeee! :-D More rains to come?
What I do best-corner a guy and force him to buy me flowers! :) This time it was my neighbour.
(Taken with the cam of my phone. I think the pics are awesome. I dont even miss carrying my digi cam.)


ektaran said...

This calls for chai & pakoras!!

O Yes your cell fone cam vadiya hai :)

Pravin said...

whoa. which phone/model do you own?

Ricky said...

Its raining here too off and on. We also had a hailstorm recently. Your shots of rainy weather are awesome. The flower is beautiful, it means that your neighbor has good choice but don't tell me that you told him which flower to buy too :P

The results of your cam are good enough, keep them coming :-)