Friday, June 29, 2007

Birthday wishes...

Happy Birthday to dearest Ronmi! Here's to you, life and our friendship. Yeah, 6 years is a long time-of fun, friendship n sacrifies. Its been a long time since our boring free periods at Amry School, monday tests, studying on the phone, getting into DU, hostel life together, window shopping when we're broke, Friends at Hudson Lines and my pointed shoes! Remember the times we got drunk and debated whether 3/4th or 1/4 was more? (All that while the rain poured over us in a shady lane of Outram Lines?) The hours spent together, fights and heart breaks havent just made us both wiser but also brought us closer. I owe you so many thank yous - for just being the shoulder to cry upon, whine just before an exam and facilitate clandestine meetings for me so many yrs ago (!) LOl. What would I do without you screaming at me to get a grip n start studying? Or to forget the jackasses in my life? Or your attempts at rectifying my so called fashion faux pas? Or to still believe in myself and be able to overcome any hurdle. It could also be only you I could probably admit all my follies, fantacies ;) and insecurities.

Well these 6 years dont seem like 6 years at all. They feel like a life time. I feel I have known all my life. Here's to us and growning older and still comforting and encouraging each other with our (mis)trials in losing some weight!

Here's to you and your dreams, beliefs and smile. May you have the best years of life coming with more laughter, happiness and sunshine. Love, M.
"Hey where did we go, days when the rains came?
Down in the hollow, playin' a new game
Laughing and a running hey, hey!
Skipping and jumping
In the misty morning fog with our hearts thumpin' and you ...
My brown eyed girl
You, my brown eyed girl" (Billy Joel)


Ricky said...

Happy Birthday Ronmi!!

A perfect birthday post, remembering all the good and funny times spend together. I read testimonial written by your friend and its good to know that you both remember almost same funny anecdotes about your past friendship :)

I can imagine you girls playing in the misty mornings of Assam, two beautiful brown eyed gals :D

anshuman said...


Can someone pass me a hanky?


I say i never did read a piece of literature like that since Macbeth or maybe

anshuman said...

Damn how does one work with this thing!

As i was saying, maybe since Troilus and Cressida.

It really is heartening to see friendhips like yours in times like these, when hate is the way of the world.

As for Ronmi, she really is the fulfillment of all i ever wanted in a friend and a girlfriend. God bless her! (That one is a real biggie when you think it has come from an atheist like me....!)

So,here's wishing your friendship lasts till the end of eternity.... which will ensure enough entertainment in terms of fights for people like me.

Hee hee.

Pardon me but i am not the best in terms of sentimentalism (if i may use or rather, invent that word).

Here's to er.. more dancing in the er... early morning mists of Assam...

I think clairvoyance tells me that i'll die of laughter...

Ok... tragedy averted.I'm still alive...stifled my laughter by thinking of the wrath of two women i risk.

On a serious note, here's wishing your friendship lasts till the end of all our birthdays and beyond (if there is a beyond).

Happy Birthday to my love!

Hugs to you Marlee!