Friday, April 13, 2007

Im just 23 people!

I thought I'd write abt my first Voice Over experience. So here I was yesterday all ready early (read 9 am) in the morning and I called Him to ask him how much it would cost me if I took an Auto (since it was quite close to his place). Im so sure His heart must have skipped a beat when I asked Him that. He must have feared that His nightmare was abt to become real! Im sure the entire morning He would have been restless and had a constant disgruntled look. Hehehe. Actually I should have told Him I'd drop by His place to tell His parents what a jerk their son was. (Ok, I got two horns and a tail and a wicked grin on my face now). Enough of that now.
Anyway, I reached my destination and got to know how one does a Voice Over for a media house. Interesting stuff-all new to me and thus exciting. I learnt abt voice modulation, accent neutralisation and pronounciation. Not bad! And since it was all new, I was just having fun, taking feed back and making more mistakes and grinning away. Considering it was the first time I had done something like this the feed back I got was....uhmm....good! That I had a nice voice which could be worked upon and improvised with :-D I think they're too generous with their comments. But hey, im not complaining. Im all kicked to learn more. Guess this experience was the closest I could get to imagine myself as an RJ! So all done with the voice over and I walk out to get myself another Auto when I came across this tree:
Looks like Big Foot stepped over the tree!
So I got an Auto and sit back, happy that the voice over went good and then you wont believe wat happened! The Auto guy starts digging into his mouth and throwing out stuff! I think it was tobacco in his mouth! Ewwwww...Gross! I counted my change coz I couldnt think that I would be able to accept any change frm his unwashed hands. I had abt 30 bucks in change and I asked him to stop the Auto when it was around 30 something. Hailed another Auto and instructed him to take me to CP. I thought I could relax now (this was around 1 pm, imagine the heat!) and then this guy starts digging his nose and this time I didnt have any loose change! Argh! I made him stop in a Mother Dairy booth frm where I picked up a juice and the all important change. When I eventually reached CP I let the guy keep the change that remained. For a person like me who's a cleanliness freak that borders on to an OCD, all this left me feeling very sick. Not looking for any other excuses I went to my fav place, Cha Bar where I ordered a fruit tart, thinking it would be a normal tart and an iced tea. When the tart came I was so surprised to see it topped with fresh colourful fruits and in my greed to have a bite of it, I forgot to take a picture of it! Next time I shall control my greed and show it to you guys as well. Do you even want to guess what book I picked up to read? prizes for guessing, Break ups! Read quite a bit of it but im still going to be me-Obstinate and dumb.
Oh you guys have to hear this: I just got back home from some grocery shopping. While paying the Rickshawalla and managing the bananas, veggies, buscuits and milk etc, this kid frm my Society I've never spoken to comes by and says, "Hello Aunty." Aunty?!!! :-O I would have pounced on the kid had it not been for the cumbersome bags and having to pay the Rick guy! Uff, thats the price one has to pay to be beautiful and 23! :-(


mehak said...

I was waiting for this post..I mean the voice-over exp. Good to know you enjoyed the whole experience.

HA HA HA @ the rick wallah's incident...u r super cool Marlee :) oops I meant Marlee AUNTY :p

So, next time I am @ Cha Bar, I need to try a fruit tart..

& nice are becoming too good with ur cam ....btw, am waiting for some more pics...remember remember???

Surendran said...

sorry, i am not able to make head or tail of the whole voice related exp... but can make out that summer is starting to take its toll... and thx for the fruit tart info. being new to the capitol i believe u would be a great food guide to me

Garam Bheja Fry said...

The kid needs to take up an MBA when he grows up..!!

the next time you ask an autowallah for some change, they might dig that out from their nose and hand it over to you..!! Now thats gross!! *evil grin*

Sandy said...

Namaste Aunty ji ;-)

Ricky said...

Voice over? Is it for BPO job because I read something about it in "The World is Flat" too.

Thank God the hollowness of tree doesn't resemble any God or there would be a full fledged satsang around

Your change story was so funny, I was laughing all the way through it.

I saw the yummy sandwich picture in Cha Bar on your Flickr. I haven't been there, so will go when I visit and you better be there to order for me :D

When I saw "...Rick guy..." at a glance, I thought you are again praising me but alas, its the Rickshaw

Ok, Beautiful Aunty jee, Adios!! **hiding in the closet**

Marlee said...

@ Mehak: 8-( (bigs eyes and sad smile) u too?! Voice over was fun :-)umm...those "pics" coming up next week.

@ Surendran: I did a voice over for a short film for a Media house...nothing much but loads of fun! Me as a food guide? I can try! :-)

@ Garam Bheja Fry: Lol @ Kid, MBA :-) I sure hope u dont have a black tongue :-p

Marlee said...

@ Sandy: Frm Aunty to Auntyji now?! :-O #$*%@!

@ Ricky: The voice over was for this short film for a Media house.

"hollowness of the tree"...i agree! Infact there's this tree I pass by where I go swimming which has a strong resemblance to a cow...will show it to u.

Change story was an ordeal! :-p

Cha bar? ur on buddy! :-)

Bas karo Ricky...stop idolising urself! :-p

Auntyji?! :-O
Feel GUILTY now! :-p

Gugan said...

hey!!looks like u've already started it rolling!!try ur hands on RJing!!
and u r indeed one cleanliness freak!!watch out!!its only india!!if u get tooo obsessed with it u'll only find it tuf to survive!!heeeheee..!!

(and thanks for leavin some honest comments abt my performance in the interview!!its jus that i dint want to goof it up by walkin into some unknown area!!and moreover the discussion was very general without makin any attempt to test my knowledge, except for the first two members!!)

Ricky said...

Ok, then you must have really good voice if you were chosen. I think we need to

Nope, not feeling guilty for some reason...he he

Marlee said...

@ Gugan: Hey welcome to my Blog! I know I shouldnt be too obssessed but its though :-(
You're welcome, I hope u get thru :-)

@ Ricky: Ask Mehak abt my ultra husky voice :-D

Not guilty? Koi nahi, aap yahan aao toh...heehhehe...rubbing both my hands along with an evil glint in my eyes!

Since u idolise ur self so much, I got an idea-u can make another Blog just for the narcissist u! the name:

wat say u? :-p

Ricky said...

I asked Mehak after you girls talked and she said that you have a beautiful voice but then she thinks I sound like Udit Narayan too, so we can't trust him. I will have to test myself sometime...ha ha :P

Evil Auntyjee :P

I have a blog, and oh MCP stands for Male Cool Punjabi...haha..what did you thought ;)

Ricky said...

him = her

a_n_u_r_a_g said...

The aunty thing reminded me of the Godrej Hair Dye ad shown ages ago :)

..and the tree with the foot impression seems to be yawning in the Delhi afternoon heat.

Dunno abt ur voice over style but ur writing is definitely expressive and effective ;) [I followed the trails of the fingers of several auto rick wallahs at traffic lights yesterday :)]

Marlee said...

@ Ricky: Oye!!! Don't u doubt mehak when it comes to "my" voice! :-O

Oh gawd! And I thought MCP stood for soemthing more conventional!

@ a_n_u_r_a_g: Welcome to my Blog!

LOl @ Godrej Aunty...let me reiterate, im JUST 23!

Yeah, yawning or maybe resembles my pitless appetite :-D

LMAO @ trails of fingers of auto wallahs! :-)

I hope u notived the pains I took to write ur name! ;-)

darius said...

just bumped into your blog.. and loved the pic of the tree! feel like perching myself in it :) where exactly did u see it???

got to say, though not very appropriate i suppose, nothingggggggggggggggggggg sucks like break ups, especially for obstinate folk (& u can count me in that!)