Monday, March 19, 2007

It should be illegal to deceive a woman's heart

I liked this song loads. Shakira's looking nice with her new 'blonde' look and her voice as always sounds throaty! Another song of hers that I like is 'Don't Bother'. You guys heard it? Anyway I have been trying to upload this video for the past one hr. I know, I know, Im a LUDDITE with comps n technology until Ricky came along and helped me! Thanks Buddy! :-) Tell me wat u guys think abt her new look and the song!


Ricky said...

I am not a big Shakira fan, infact I have hardly heard any of her songs but I like the picturization of this one, its different for sure.

You are welcome :)

Mehak said...

I am a BIG Shakira fan.

Ivan said...
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Pete said...

if she aint shaking her bum she aint workin for he $

awful...tuneless :P

Marlee said...

Ricky: u must try to listen to some of her songs like 'Dont Bother' u'll like it!

mehak: thats like my girl! :-)

Pete: u have no good taste. period