Wednesday, December 13, 2006

What have I been up to?

I have been trying to upload pictures since this afternoon. Cant! My net connection is crap. Will try putting up the pics by tomorrow evening. Thought I should write down whats been happening the last few days. Its been so chaotic yet fun.

The Concert with the Delhi Christian Chorus (henceforth DCC) on Sunday evening was brilliant. We performed twice and I thought the first show was more of a warm up for the choir! I think we made lesser mistake is the second show compared to the first. Hopefully the audience was oblivious to the said mistakes! We sang a selection ranging from Mozart (commemorating his 250th birth anniversary), Jazz, Christmas music and Gospel music. It is such a satisfying feeling to sing withen a beautiful cathedral. The Cathedral was packed for both the shows with many friends making it for the show and many others who couldnt. But it was good to meet people from School, College and Church after such a long time! Both my favourite teachers came!

Started Monday late in the afternoon. Went for a walk to Old Delhi. Took the Metro from DU to Chandni Chowk. Took loads of pictures of everything, from people to buildings to lamp posts to flowers. As we (me and my friend, who lives in Old Delhi) were ambling through Kinari Bazar, we came across this niche which opened to a row of houses. And each house had an ornate entrance more like what one would expect in a temple! Somewhere in the middle of the row of houses was this old decrepit door which so reminded me of the Moghul era. I was expecting a nimble courtesan to appear anytime! And then at the very end was a temple made of marble. The place was so beautifully serene in the late evening light. Also went by to the Silver market where I plan to go back for some Silver jewellry shopping. Gorged on loads of street food like Dahi Bhalla, Alu Chat and Kachoris at the Parathawali Gali. Then we took a rickshaw till Jama Masjid and had a sumptuous dinner of Mutton Biryani, Mutton Qorma, Sheikh Kabeb and Kheer at Karim's. Oh here I need to add that my companion is a pure vegetarian and yet he accompanied me to Karim's when he cant even stand the smell of meat! If you're reading this, thanks buddy! :-)
Got back home early and Sonu, my childhood friend came over and we had a midnigth meal at 4AM(!!!). We have some crazy timings.

Tuesday morning was restday. Well, apart from trying to upload my pics for close to three hours. Planned to go for the Capital City Minstrels (CCM) Chritsmas Concert at the ICC. So here I was all dressed up in a nice long skirt which doesnt let me take big steps, heels and beads round my neck. Essentially looking all glam. Again I took the Metro from DU to India Gate adn then an auto to IIC (India International Centre). I walk in only to be told that theres no such programme happening there! Then I guessed it may be happening at the IHC (India Habitat Centre). So here I was, hopping, skipping and running with my skirt perched up till my knees. Yes, I was a funny sight! My guess was right. Reached the 'right' venue 15 minutes late but worth all the misadventure. The CCM sang Christmas music as well as pieces by Mozart. Met my teacher from College who is now the director of CCM. She remembered me for not attending too many of her lectures! Also met the older members of the CCM who my father sang with while he was in Delhi. They all said the same-how I've grown and changed. I hope they meant how beautiful I have become. Lol. No, im not too modest when it comes to my looks :-o

Guess this fairly summarises all the things I've been upto! Oh, before I finish this post, I also want to thank everyone whos been dropping a line of comfort for me(Sandeep, Mehak, Ricky and Sanguine). It was such a nice gesture :-)

Alright, its time for bed. Good night people.


Ivan said...


Mehak said...

You've been quite busy....Christmas Time!!! Ohh, I'd love to see the shots you've clicked...the way you've described the area...I love visiting old places which have a historic value..& Old Gothic Churches...

Dahi Bhalla,Alu Chat...I want them wit Gol-Gappa's...

Midnight meal...that sounds interesting...

he he..imagining you running holding your long skirt upto your knees..ohh with heels too...

And am waiting for the pics.

Anonymous said...

Its so nice of u thank me for r escapade thru the streets of chandni chowk. But I must thank u, its bcoz of u, I came to know there's so much to explore here.
Also I m really lazy except at work, so its a refreshing change n i m quite liking it.

Got my first chance to visit a church jst bcoz of u n it was a really nice experience, be it the structural beauty of the place, well syncronized performance in concert, first luk at cristmas tree, tempting audience to come on stage n perform wid a chocolate, bishop's blessings n prayer sung by him, collective praying by all in the audience n of course a little hiding from u n quiet return back to home. ;-)

sandeep said...

With what a deep devotedness of woe
I wept thy absence - o'er and o'er again
Thinking of thee, still thee, till thought grew pain,
And memory, like a drop that, night and day,
Falls cold and ceaseless, wore my heart away!

Marlee said...

Sandeep: ur welcome buddy :-)

Ricky said...

Awesome read!! I am really impressed with the concert description and would definitely love to see a picture or two.

Saw the pictures of Kinari Bazar and they look very royal, kinda blast from the past.

Dilli ke khane ke baat matt karo yaar, control nahin hota :-( (karo karo, secretly I enjoy reading about it...he he)

Ricky said...

Talking about Karim's.

Rediff has a really good article about it @

My Favorites from those mentioned are: Mutton Burra (its a special Karim's delicacy), Mutton Raan, Mutton Tikkas, Badam Pasanda with Kharmiri Roti and Keema Paratha. I think you had Kheer Benazir.

Marlee said...

Ricky: :) will put up the spread I had Karim's in another post.