Tuesday, November 21, 2006


long drives. curled up with a book on a rainy afternoon. garam ginger chai. childhood pictures. vaseline lip balm. marie biscuit dipped in chai. anna karennina. sonu. red nailpaint. saki. golden high heels. red lipstick. sheer curtains. old birthday cards. bean bags. mars bar. piano. daryaganj sunday mkt. vernon god little. papa. dcc. cool by gwen stefani. tissue paper. dancing skewed. paper clips on the wall. single painting on a plain wall. clean bathrooms. pineapple juice. pillows. kaajal. daisies. cozy quilts. ronmi. window shopping. steamed momos. walks in the rain. waking up to a kiss. CP on a rainy evening. hair conditioners. quaint churches. hugs. pink jootis. silver earrings. cha bar at oxford. patiala suits frm dhara. kartography. lays spanish flavour. jovan musk. black n white photographs. sneakers bar. lenses. sms. beef at mkt. boots. 102.6 fm. scribbling. old letters frm my hostel days. thick rimmed glasses. screaming. lizzie. jholas. fancy places for dinner. pajamas frm fab india. water. nupur. western music concerts. oxford english dictionary. mama. get drunk. phone calls. college in all seasons. mood swings. hills. salsa. security. insecurity. insanity. sanity. smiles. fights. tears. sunshine. laughter. reason. life. love. forever. you.


Marysangel said...

Losing weight not a whole lot to give you. It has helped me in the past to give up soda's and drink water with all my meals. Then before each meal drink a full glass of water to cut down on the amount I eat. Hope this helps P.S. would you mind taking a moment to look at my blog. I'm new at it you can find it under
Google blog search marysangel Free forensic help needed. Thanks so much Mary

Marysangel said...

Thank you so much Marlee for your sympathies. It is tough facing each day without my beatiful baby. God only knows I approach each day one at a time as hard as they are. Yes lemon juice is a help as well I had forgotten that one. Did you look at my site, doe's it look okay for my first time out? My daughter always lead me in directions when it came to this type of technology any imput is helpful. Thanks again Mary