Thursday, November 23, 2006

IITF (Pragati Maidan)

Went to Pragati Maidan this evening for the IITF with Sonu and Smita. The metro was crowded, the footpath as well, and Pragati Maidan was choked. I hate crowded places, especially with arbit men around but then the trip was worth it! We had some spicey Biryani from Hyderabad for 90 rupees with huge chunks of chicken and then some Fried Fish for 35 rupees in the West Bengal food court. We dropped by at the Assam pavilion to chat with strangers in Assamese and Bodo. Good fun! picked up some Sandoh Guri from the Assam. Oh I also bought a cute purple woollen hat for 100 rupees from Nagaland. Geared for the winters? Also bought some deliciously tangy, dried wild apple from there.

Dropped by in the Meghalaya Pavilion and met one of the ladies I had worked with when I was also working for the Meghalaya Govt during the IITF in 2004. She says I looked good since I'd lost so much of weight :-D

For people who are interested in going to the Trade fair can use the Metro as well as buy the tickets for the IITF in the station itself. Tickets during the weekdays is reasonably priced at Rs. 20.00. Doesnt really burn a hole in the pocket. Worth a trip if one can overlook the massive crowd. If this will help, bargaining is the key word for a good deal.

All in all, a fun evening!

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