Thursday, November 16, 2006

A Situation...

I guess everybody goes through a situation when we know what we ought to do but do the exact opposite. Im supposed to be filling up application forms to various institutes for my masters n here i am watching movies in all my free time!
So since last week i've watched-Million Dollar Baby (had watched it yrs ago with my psycho ex), Bas ek pal (brilliant movie, cried like a baby in the end), Gangster (Shiney is so drool worthy), Shall we dance, Dance with me (made me want to sign up for the next Ball room dance classes. If only i'd meet a richard gereish type of man), Runaway bride (watched it again to stare at Julia Roberts' so-horsey face. Ok all you Roberts' fans i dont quite like her.)
And now i still have another DVD to watch-Pyaar ke side effects. Lets see what the 'great' Jat lass does in this movie.
No i dont spend any money on buying or renting DVDs, its my friendly neighbour who is my source for them :-)
Oh before i get back to watching my movie, for starters, i have bought the forms for FMS. So there im not that 'vella'.

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