Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas is here

Yes people, CHRISTMAS is here!!! Lemme hear the YAY loud and clear! YAY!!! The time of year filled with just singing carols, eating and merry making is here. Who would ever complain? (Apart from Mr. Scrooge?) I saw my first Christmas Tree for the season at my cousin's place. Check it out. Its been done up so well by the two kids and some supervision by my Aunt:That's the Older Coz, acting very very retarded!
The Younger Coz who went totally hysterical taking these funny pics:
The Babies normally:
It could only be these two and their weird histrionics that makes any dull day brighter! Another thing, seeing these two bugs I have vowed not to have kids for a long, long time :-)


ektaran said...

YAY! Christmas is here!!!

Love all the decorations....shops...malls...

ready for Santaji??

Happy Hols & New Year Wishes!!

Ricky said...


My Mom used to always give us some surprise gifts in stockings on Christmas, No wonder it was one my favourite holidays. My best Christmas gift was in US when I got a skateboard and I bought back to India and was like this cool dude with skateboard...he he.

Christmas Tree at your Aunt's is so so beautiful. And what naughty kids to decorate it, no wonder they are your

anks said...

hey...... merry christmas....! :)

Bla said...

X-Mas scares me.

Marlee said...

@ Ektaran: Yes Yes Yes...with arms wide open for the gifts and hugs!!! :-D

@ Ricky: Such a show off...n now the NRI is coming home soon...God, help us!!! :-P

@ Anks: To u too Girl!

@ Bla: Hahhaa...I have a friend who hides on Xmas day...its depresses him...But why?!!