Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A look alike? Freaky!

I have something so freaky to write about today...Ok, on second thoughts, its not so freaky...but...anyway here it is...College is fun...attending classes, hanging around etc. But I haven't actually gone out of my way to make new friends in my Class. Thats the way I am...I hate making an effort for anything. The friends I made in the first few days are the ones I'm comfortable with. But then today everyone from Class were together and I suddenly saw this chap frm Class in a new light/angle(!) He resembles my ex 8-O Even his expressions and the way he walks (in a nonchalant way). No, it isn't my imagination. Its just weird. I'm wondering what I'd do to the look alike if I walked into class tipsy...What do you guys think? ;) I was thinking more in the lines of a kick or a punch! :-P

How's the week coming along people? Just 2 more days and the weekend's here. Payday? 11 more days. I can count the days in my fingers now! Yay! Yes, I live for Paydays! :-D

Take care people!


d_grail said...

read ur blog aftr a long time 2dy...waiting 4 d next post...

The Bhandari's said...

:) "I was thinking more in the lines of a kick or a punch! :-P "
bechaara poor chap :P
week is hectic this side :)

Ricky said...

Poor guy!! :P

Week is coming along ok, was a bit sick today but got some good news and no I am not pregnant and thank God for that (that's the only good news for a Punjabi) :|

I get paid every yeayyyyy 4 times ;-)

The Bhandari's said...

@Ricky.... heheheheh loved your comment

Marlee said...

@ d_grail: Here it is! ;)

@ The Bhamdari's: Hopefully ur weekend's going good! :)

@ Ricky: Poor Guy? Hmmmm... :)
Payday 4 times?! Lucky u!