Wednesday, April 11, 2007

All apologies n others...

This isnt a proper post, its more like a note of apology to one of my friends to whom I was very rude last night! :-(

Dear X (I wont name you) I know I was very nasty to you last night. Here I was demeaning you instead of rejoicing in your promotion. I don't know what came over me to say such horrible things. Was it my general disdain to life or the pressure at work, I dont know! Ofcourse, its another matter that I did mean them but I had no right in saying it aloud to you! Maybe my irritation was not just for you, you would know that- I do get bugged by the minutest things (sometimes silliest as well, I know.) If I've said it ten times, I won't tire to say it again that you and your friendship matter to me more than the trivialities that we face everyday! I'm SORRY, sincerely. And here's a hearty CONGRATULATIONS to you for your promotion! You so deserve it! If you continue the way you are, you'll be headed for the stars very soon! Im hoping everything turns out fine for both of us at the end and our friendship remains for the yrs to come. Take care buddy!
Warmest regards,
(PS-Ok, considering the fact that Im letting go of loads of unwanted emotional baggages and friends, you'd beta be happy that I'm trying to redeem our friendship! ;-) )

I was listening to a radio show this morning and got to know that both the RJ's of the show were leaving the radio station for newer pastures. It came as a bolt of shock coz I've been listening to them for so many yrs now, almost 5 yrs! And then having to realise that I won't be hearing them anymore makes it weird n saddens me. One of the RJ's was leaving for Mumbai, so it made me think how everybody else was moving forward in life whereas I seem to be stuck.(Ok, thats wat I call a bout of self-pitying.)
What made it worse was during my lunch with Andy today, when we were talking about some of our common friends who've left India to go back to their own countries, Ethiopia and Mauritius. It was weird wondering if I'd ever meet them in this life time again. Or will it be in another birth or heaven that will enable us to meet again where we can party n make merry? Its scarey to think that I've reached that phase in life when someone's going makes a difference to me and the worse fact that I might never see them again. Life seems scarey at the moment.


Ricky said...

Saying Sorry is harder than saying harsh things, so cheers to you for doing the right thing after all.

I think life is all about change and making new friendships/relationships. I hope you have many more friendships to come and some constant old ones to continue n cherish...

Sandy said...

Ur friend is one lucky person. I doubt if he/she would mind getting bruised once in a while esp after knowing that painkiller will be so sweet jst like the nurse.

So now when I have praised U, dont head towards ur fragile friend with boxing gloves on. ;-)

Yeah ppl come in our life, some turn into friends n come so close to our heart we wish they may never leave us. bt not all stay, most of them leave us never to meet again n we also find solace in new friends. i guess to an extent God has done us a favour by doing this - probably he doesnt want us live in a cucoon bt to have wings and explore the world.

So dont worry, true friendship is not bound by distance bt by strings of our hearts. N ours seems to be growing strong. :-)

Marlee said...

@ Ricky & Sandeep: Thanks for the pep talk guys :-)