Saturday, January 13, 2007


Just got the hang of using Flickr. Thank you all for your suggestions n help, especially to Ricky n Pete :-)

Im still trying to figure out how to use it along side Blogger.

The link:

Anymore suggestions will be highly appreciated!


Pete said...


Marlee said...

Pete: U rock buddy! :-)(do i sound chessy!)

Pete said...

cheese ball tastic :)

did u do devil horns when u said it?


Ricky said...

I commented on most of the pictures. Really very good and yea they are not downloadable but people can still nick it if they want as I told you but you can't do anything about such people anyways.

She'll said...
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Lalit Singh said...

Just some tips on uploading photos on blogger.

For flickr: On top of each pic, below the pic caption, the 4th link is "Blog this". You need to configure it first time to load pics from flickr in blogger.

Another easier option is to use Picasa to do the same. just choose the pics n click on Blog this. I prefer this option.

Lalit Singh said...
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Marlee said...

Lalit: Thanks. will give Picasa a try :-)