Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas!!!

It good to be back home with the parents and the doggie. Im having fun feasting on good food and meeting up friends and relatives. I hope you guys have a merry and blessed Christmas as well. Have fun!
Some of the Christmas decorations at home:

The Star of Bethlehem:

The Crib at Christ Church:

Will write more in a day or two. Take care people!


Ricky said...

Merry Christmas Marlee!!

Enjoy the festivities, the food and good cheer around...

My Ma also used to put small gifts in a stocking like the reindeer one :D

The Christmas tree is beautifully decorated. Love the last two pictures too. In the last picture, which is the language used in the background?

Do write details. Cheers!!

Mehak said...

Merry Christmas!!!

hugzz to your doggie :)

Abhi said...

Merry Christman ! Though I am already two days late . Or if I put on my optimism lenses , 363 days early for the next one.

sandeep said...

i m back from rajasthan, will upload pics soon on net, n man i have loads of em, over 300 to b precise. had some real gud time, n i dont need to guess u too r enjoying it back home Marlee. Tc care buddy, catch u soon.

Marlee said...

Ricky: thanks! how'd ur xmas go? the language written in the last pic is in assamese. yup, will write more detail when i get some time off.

Mehak: :-) hugs back to u frm the doggie. How'd ur xmas go?

Abhi: lol! the same to u too. yup...optimism is the key word ;-)

Sandeep: dude, pictures pls! oh by the bye, i ost my ph and with it all my numbers! :-o pls mail me ur number.