Saturday, November 18, 2006

Numbers And Fantasy World

I started revising my multiplication tables from this evening because im sad with calculations and dont have any option but to brush it up for some unattainable entrance exams. Thats when i remembered the fantasy world that I had created with these numbers as a child.

All the numbers from 1 to 10 represented different individuals belonging to the same community. 1 to 4 consisted of a socially superior family with 1 as the father, 2 as the mother, 3 the haughty daughter and 4 the nasty brother. I also had another set of family in 5 to 8, where 5 was the pretty and devoted sister and 6 the protective brother. 7 and 8 were parents to 5 and 6. 9 and 10 were friends of 5 and 6. I'd cook up stories between these families where 3 and 4 would harass 5 and 6 because they socially better off, 5 would constantly be vexed and ended up crying everytime any altercation happened between the waring families. Incidently the parents had no role in these conflicts. 1 and 2 were anyway too superior to talk to 7 and 8 and their likes.

So when im trying to remember 6 time 8 i remind myself that this time it's 5's victory over 4...therefore, it is the answer is 45...There are so many more such stories involving these numbers, cant even remeber all of them. Anyway its back to revising the tables!

By the bye, anyone watched the latest Bond flick? Whats it like?

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